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RuPay Debit Card

We are pleased to introduce you Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank RuPay Debit Card which provides you anywhere, anytime banking facilities. Having this card in your wallet is like carrying your bank account with you wherever you go. This card comes with enhanced security feature as it is a PIN based card i.e. PIN is mandatory in order to perform transactions* at Merchant Establishment (POS) and ATMs.

Your Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank RuPay Debit card entitles you:

  • Rs. 40000.00 daily ATM cash withdrawal limit
  • Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank RuPay Debit card enables you to access over 2000+ Central Bank / Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank ATMs spread across the country. You can also use your Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank RuPay Debit card at 1,00,000+ ATMs under NFS network in India. Presently, this card can be used at select Merchant Establishments (POS) displaying RuPay logo.
  • 24-Hour Customer Service: You can contact our Toll Free No. 18002001911/1800221622 round the clock for any assistance regarding your Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank RuPay Debit card.

* Transactions at Merchant Establishments have not started yet.

On receipt of your card, please:

  • Sign on the signature panel at the back of your card to prevent any misuse of the card

Fees and charges*:

  • Issuance Fee: NIL
  • Annual Fees: NIL
  • Duplicate card on account of loss of card: Rs. 200.00
  • Card Replacement fee: Rs. 200.00
  • PIN Replacement fee: Rs. 50.00
  • Hot-listing of card fee: NIL
  • Transaction charges at Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank/Central Bank of India ATMs: NIL
  • 5 transactions (Financial & Non-financial together) free on other bank ATMs for Savings Bank account holders, in a calendar month. 6th transaction onwards a flat charge of Rs. 18.00 (inclusive of service tax) will be levied to customer’s account.

* All fees and charges are inclusive of service tax.

Eligibility criteria: (Please choose from the below list or add more eligibility points)

The eligibility criteria for RuPay Debit card is:

  • Literate Individual Account holders having their A/Cs (Only SB, OD and NF A/Cs) with us.

Debit Cards cannot be issued under following conditions:

  • Account types with operating instruction other than of “self”, “Either or Survivor” or “Sole Proprietor”
  • Visually impaired persons holding account jointly.

Added features on RuPay Debit card: (Please choose from the below list or add more features)

  • Loss or Damage of the card: In case of loss or damage of the card, please inform the branch as well on the Toll-free No. 18002001911/1800221622 immediately so that the card will be blocked to ensure safety of your funds.

About Us

Uttarbanga  Kshetriya Gramin  Bank, a Regional Rural Bank  sponsored by  Central Bank of India, was established on the 7th March 1977 under the Provision of Section 3(2) of RRB Act 1976 [ 21 of 1976] with equity participation of Government of India (50%), Learn More about us.

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